Ill-Conceived Notions

An experiment in digital humanities

My name is Sasha Pineda, I’m a masters student of Digital Cultures in UCC. This website is designed to contain my project on ‘ill-conceived notions’ that we form as digital humans, from interacting online and existing in an increasingly digitised world. You can expect content on the psychology of online spaces, the philosophy of engaging in these spaces, and commentary on phenomena we experience as a result of global connectivity.

The abstract for my thesis can be found here.

All components of the thesis can be found in this website, but the final project can be downloaded here if you would like to read it sequentially:

The menu titles ‘Starting‘, ‘Learning‘, ‘Collaborating‘ and ‘Publishing‘ contain my module work for the year. The main project items are under the ‘Project‘ and ‘Methods‘ titles, and each section includes necessary hyperlinks so they can be read in any order, but the recommended reading order is:

Literature Review
Epistemological Statement
The Creators
Qualitative Analysis in the Digital Age
Grounded Theory in the Digital Age
Collecting the Data
The Analysis Part 1 and Part 2
Category 1: Facts versus feelings
Category 2: Setting the scene
Category 3: Characters in the narrative
Category 4: The creator as a character
Category 5: Sarcasm and satire
Category 6: Flow

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