Ill-Conceived Notions

An experiment in digital humanities

The present study compares two neopolitical YouTubers closely associated with left- and right-wing political stances: ContraPoints and Stefan Molyneux, respectively. The term neopolitics is used here to describe a niche community of non-expert inquirers, who adopt contemporary approaches to political, philosophical, sociological and anthropological subjects that are identified as exigent to life in the 21st century. Constructivist Grounded Theory was used to examine practices in their speech that frame their meanings and intentions, and strategies that guide the understanding of their audiences. This resulted in six categories common to both creators: facts versus feelings; setting the scene; characters in the narrative; the creator as a character; sarcasm and satire, and; flow. These themes frame a practice of storytelling that creators may use to convey complex ideas in relatable, approachable and entertaining formats. The conclusions offer a foundation from which inquirers can recognise methods which guide the political opinions of digital humans.

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