TYPE Video    





1 0:00.0 - 1:27.0

Voiceover with screenshot from Reddit

2 1:27.0 - 1:32.0

'Sultry music'

3 1:32.0 - 1:37.0

Dramatic seductive greeting, identifying audience of 'boys', addressing 'boys' directly, inviting the identified audience to a conversation, satirical, framing conversation about 'bone structure'

4 1:37.0 - 1:42.0

'Sultry music'

5 1:42.0 - 1:47.0

Generalising the language of the internet, describing internet language habits as 'soviet'

6 1:47.0 - 1:54.0

Listing soviet and digital age portmanteaus as examples, framing internet language habits as soviet, naming Stalin as a creator of portmanteaus

7 1:54.0 - 1:57.0

Introducing the concept of incel, defining incel literally

8 1:56.0 - 2:01.0

Offering history of the phrase incel, vaguely offering timeframe, naming 'Alana', framing Alana as pitiful and lgbt+

9 2:01.0 - 2:08.0

Offering details of original use of the phrase 'involuntary celibacy'

10 2:08.0 - 2:09.0

Thoughtful, generalising original identity of the term 'incel' as those with sexual struggles or frustrations

11 2:09.0 - 2:12.0

Sarcastic, Idenitfying with audience as in-group inflicted with negative internet culture, framing modern internet culture as 'miserable'

12 2:12.0 - 2:21.0

Defining modern use of the term incel, framing incels as heterosexual males active in niche online spaces, naming incels.me and r/Braincels (references on-screen)

13 2:21.0 - 2:24.0

Describing negative framing of incel communities by mainstream media (examples on-screen)

14 2:24.0 - 2:29.0

Asserting violent terrorist behaviour prevalent in incel communities, sarcastic, offering familiar pop culture reference of Marvel to highlight incel crime rates (examples on-screen)

15 2:29.0 - 2:35.0

Asserting that violent members of incel communities are outliers, submissive, humanising identity built by incels, describing sexual fixations of incels

16 2:35.0 - 2:43.0

Asserting personal position, concern and intentions for the video, frustrated, expressing curiosity about incel identity and behaviour, identifying incels as an out-group, choosing to dismiss attempts to mock or sway incels

17 2:43.0 - 2:48.0

Introducing first step of the investigation, stating a need to understand a group's language to understand their perspective, asserting herself as an objective investigator 'the best way'

18 2:48.0 - 2:53.0

Dramatised disgust, expressing discomfort with the incels' language, assuring the audience her discomfort will be explained

19 2:53.0 - 2:55.0

Introducing topic using native incel language, using sexually suggestive titling for video sections

20 2:55.0 - 3:01.0

Satirising intentional dehumanisation of women, projecting to audience the desire of incels to frame women as subhuman

21 3:00.0 - 3:04.0

Satirical, framing creative language of incels as intentionally derogatory to women, identifying incels as an out-group with a unique language

22 3:04.0 - 3:08.0

Exaggerated pronunciation of native incel term, defining femoids as a derogatory term for women

23 3:07.0 - 3:10.0

Offering explanation for incel terminology, stating the relationship between the language and perspective of incels, identifying audience as learning with the in-group 'tells us'

24 3:10.0 - 3:14.0

Dismissive, listing female social roles that are disregarded by incels, sarcastic, emphasising dehumanisaiton of women by incels (example from Reddit on-screen)

25 3:14.0 - 3:18.0

Describing incels' detached and objectifying view of women (example from Reddit on-screen)

26 3:18.0 - 3:19.0

Offering pop culture reference of 'unobtanium' to emphasise incels' view of women as alien/resources

27 3:19.0 - 3:24.0

Describing incels' view of women as objects, framing victim mentality of incels, framing incels' dehumanisation of women (example from Reddit on-screen)

28 3:24.0 - 3:29.0

Generalising 'nerdy men' as historically misogynistic in descriptions of women

29 3:29.0 - 3:34.0

Offering example of 'nerdy men' being creative in derogatory descriptions of women, naming Werner Von Braun

30 3:34.0 - 3:41.0

Voiceover quoting Werner Von Braun (text on-screen), offering example of historical degradations of women using scientific ('nerdy') langauge

31 3:41.0 - 3:45.0

Asserting misogyny is not more prevalent among 'nerds', using internet terminology 'alpha males'

32 3:45.0 - 3:48.0

Submissive, explaining 'nerdy' misogynists reflect their nerdiness in their descriptions of women, implying 'nerdy' misogyny is more distinct because of unusual language habits

33 3:48.0 - 3:52.0

Framing1 extreme misogynistic language of incels, describing femoid as the least misogynistic term for women by incels

34 3:52.0 - 3:54.0

Stating a progressively degrading language of incels towards women, asserting personal experience investigating incels' language

35 3:54.0 - 4:00.0

Casual, listing common slurs for women also used by incels (example from Reddit on-screen), framing the language of incels as 'seering resentment for female sexuality', asserting incels are spiteful towards women

36 4:00.0 - 4:05.0

Sarcastic, describing creativity of incel language, asserting incels are especially spiteful towards women for their sexuality

37 4:04.0 - 4:12.0

Defining incel term 'roastie', expressing disdain for vulgarity of incel terms, anticipating audience's disgust with incel terms, asserting the language of incels is reflective of their convictions, framing incels as spiteful towards women for their promiscuity

38 4:12.0 - 4:16.0

Sarcastic, implying incels' directed hatred for promiscuous women, sarcastically expressing surprise for incels' directed hatred of promiscuous women

39 4:16.0 - 4:18.0

Describing incels' logical but vulgar process for creating new terms describing women

40 4:18.0 - 4:22.0

Asserting absence of sexual experience of incels, sarcastic, emphasising incels' descriptions of female genitalia are not based on experience

41 4:22.0 - 4:27.0

Generalising incel perspectives as speculative rather than evidence-based, implying personal knowledge of incel perspectives

42 4:26.0 - 4:34.0

Expressing personal perspective on descriptions of promiscuous women, dramatised smugness, implying incels deny that their disdain for women stems from their inability to gain sexual experience, emphasising sexual frustration of incels with suggestive phrasing and gestur2es

43 4:34.0 - 4:40.0

Sarcastic, exaggerated pronunciation of 'femoids', implying hierarchical descriptions of women are created by incels, emphasising dehumanisation of women by incels

44 4:40.0 - 5:01.0

Voiceover, satirically defining 'becky' and 'stacy', using sarcastically technical phrasing to define their terms (meme for reference on-screen)

45 5:01.0 - 5:04.0

Dramatised irritation, sarcastically defending her identity with 'becky', framing incels as 'savages' in their generalisations of women

46 5:03.0 - 5:09.0

Sarcastic, introducing incels' disdain for non-incel males, framing logical process of incels in creating terms to generalise different groups of people

47 5:09.0 - 5:29.0

Voiceover, satirically defining 'chad', using incel descriptors and sarcastically technical phrasing(memes for reference on screen)

48 5:29.0 - 5:48.0

Acting as Foppington, satirising perspective of incels that their sexual failure is due to their skull shape

49 5:48.0 - 5:50.0

Introducing topic of 'bone structure', satirical, framing bone structure as an important concept in incel perspectives

50 5:50.0 - 5:52.0

Using incel memes to frame incel perspectives

51 5:52.0 - 5:59.0

Voiceover, satirically describing incels' belief that skull shape distinguishes 'chads' from incels (meme on-screen)

52 5:59.0 - 6:02.0

Sarcastically formal, Offering theory derived from personal knowledge, asserting herself as experienced in sociological inquiries

53 6:02.0 - 6:13.0

Stating speculation that bigotry eventually leans on phrenology, framing 'Foppington' as representing bigotry masked as science

54 6:13.0 - 6:15.0

Sarcastic, implying the significance of skull shape in justifying bigotry is bizarre at first glance, Anticipating inquiry from the audience, validating audience's confusion with the fixation of skulls

55 6:15.0 - 6:18.0

Thoughtful, Expressing personal opinion, asserting personal effort to understand bigoted perspectives

56 6:18.0 - 6:28.0

Describing personal speculation on the significance of skull shape to bigoted groups, generalising bigotry as founded on observational evidence, identifying out-group of bigots who project characteristics to targeted groups, asserting personal knowledge of bigoted thought-processes

57 6:28.0 - 6:30.0

Projecting to audience the justification process of bigots, offering example to describe personal speculation

58 6:30.0 - 6:33.0

Offering examples of 'race' or 'gender' as targets for bigotry

59 6:33.0 - 6:37.0

Projecting to audience tactics used by bigots, framing bigots as using scientific processes to justify prejudice

60 6:37.0 - 6:43.0

Framing hypothetical justification process of bigots, framing bigots as using logical thinking and undeniable evidence to justify discrimination

61 6:43.0 - 6:48.0

Emphasising incels as using the same processes as bigots to rationalise their celibacy, framing thought process of incels as bigoted, asserting personal knowledge of bigoted thought processes

62 6:48.0 - 6:55.0

Sarcastic, Explaining the logic of incel perspectives, framing 'mankind' as generalised into two groups by incels, using incels' phrasing to define incel generalisations

63 6:55.0 - 6:58.0

Sarcastically sexually suggestive, emphasising sexual themes in incel-related inquiries, inviting audience to mock sexual themes

64 6:58.0 - 7:00.0

Breaking character

65 7:00.0 - 7:03.0

Sarcastic, stating that incels attribute multiple qualities to their absence of sexual experience

66 7:03.0 - 7:08.0

Emphasising creativity and effort of incels to describe and justify their absence of sexual experience, framing native incel terminology as 'jargon'

67 7:07.0 - 7:17.0

Defining incel terminology, describing justifications of incels for their absence of sexual experiences

68 7:17.0 - 7:22.0

Sarcastically thoughtful, defining incel terminology, framing incel fixation on physical attributes

69 7:22.0 - 7:26.0

Thoughtful, generalising incel fixation on insignificant physical attributes as 'weird', validating perspective of incel values as 'weird', projecting to audience the oddness of incel fixations

70 7:26.0 - 7:56.0

Voiceover, expressing incels' sincere frustration with seemingly insignificant physical attributes (quote from incels.me on-screen)

71 7:56.0 - 7:59.0

Exaggerated pause, sarcastically expressing intrigue and confusion

72 7:58.0 - 8:04.0

Describing demographics of incels, describing non-white incels' fixation on ethnicity regarding their absence of sexual experience

73 8:04.0 - 8:07.0

Offering incel terminology describing race, sarcastic, expressing disdain for incel terminology, anticipating audience's offence from incel labels, validating audience's disgust with incel labels

74 8:07.0 - 8:12.0

Dramatised discomfort, listing incel terminology describing race, implying extensive and reflexive vocabulary of incels to describe any ethnicity

75 8:11.0 - 8:20.0

Sarcastic, stating incels acknowledge men of colour can be sexually successful, emphasising incels' fixation on physical attributes, implying hierarchical values of physical attributes for incels, sarcastically using incel phrasing for attractive qualities

76 8:20.0 - 8:24.0

Listing incel terminology describing race

77 8:24.0 - 8:26.0

Expressing extreme discomfort in describing incel terminology, validating audience's offence from terminology, emphasising objective offensiveness of incel terminology

78 8:26.0 - 8:35.0

Listing physical qualities incels attribute to their absence of sexual experience, framing incel identity as a community based on resignation and fixation on women as unattainable resources

79 8:35.0 - 8:39.0

Sarcastic, projecting to audience the mindset of incels, framing incels as adamantly refusing they have agency in gaining sexual experiences

80 8:39.0 - 8:41.0

Defining incel terminology describing the possibility of 'escaping' the identity

81 8:41.0 - 8:46.0

Exaggeratedly sarcastic, projecting to audience the ridicule experienced by incels who express hope, emphasising adamant refusal of incels to believe they have agency in bettering themselves

82 8:46.0 - 8:50.0

Projecting to audience the ridicule experienced by incels who express hope, sarcastic, emphasising rejection experienced by incels who express hope, defining incel terms for incels who express hope3

83 8:50.0 - 8:54.0

Sexually suggestive titling, Introducing next topic to be explored

84 8:54.0 - 8:57.0

Identifying audience as an in-group defining incel ideology, framing foundations of incel perspective

85 8:57.0 - 9:00.0

Listing incel terminology explained previously

86 9:00.0 - 9:05.0

Describing incel method for rationalising generalised experiences, framing incels as actively constructing an evidence-based perspective of reality

87 9:05.0 - 9:07.0

Defining incel terminology for their theory of human existence

88 9:07.0 - 9:10.0

Stating association between incels and 'the manosphere' through shared worldview

89 9:10.0 - 9:18.0

Listing groups associated with 'the manosphere', defining mgtow

90 9:18.0 - 9:22.0

Describing logic-based descriptions of women by the manosphere

91 9:22.0 - 9:33.0

Defining RP term for describing female sexual behaviour, distinguishing adpaptation of the meaning of hypergamy by incels, stating hypergamy is a new-greek term

92 9:33.0 - 9:38.0

Stating foundational perpsective of the manosphere on attractiveness (meme for reference on-screen)

93 9:38.0 - 9:48.0

Projecting to audience the logical progression of incel perspectives, sarcastic, framing incel fixation on attractiveness as the most valuable quality in any human, stating incel perspectives as based on logical hypotheticals (meme for reference on-screen)

94 9:47.0 - 9:58.0

Describing incels ideas of fair dating practices, defining incel dating terminology, asserting incels' fixation on physical attractiveness

95 9:58.0 - 10:02.0

Sarcastic, framing vilification of women by incels, emphasising women as selfish perpetrators in the eyes of incels

96 10:02.0 - 10:07.0

Stating incel assumptions that women are inherently shallow, using incel terminology to describe their perspective

97 10:07.0 - 10:14.0

Defining incel terminology for dating, framing incel belief that all women are shallow and extremely exclusive in their dating habits, asserting fixation of incels on physical attractiveness

98 10:14.0 - 10:20.0

Asserting observable counter-evidence for incel belief systems, Anticipating audience confusion with incel beliefs

99 10:20.0 - 10:22.0

Sarcastic, Framing incels' adamant defense of their theories, offering perspective of incels for anticipated rebuttals

100 10:22.0 - 10:28.0

Introducing incel rationale for female dating strategies

101 10:29.0 - 11:00.0

Sarcastic, defining incel terminology for female dating strategies, using incel terminology to explain their perspectives, dramatically framing derogatory and absurd nature of incel explanations for female dating behaviour, framing incels' belief that they are tragic victims of selfish women (memes for reference on-screen)

102 11:00.0 - 11:04.0

Introducing incel categorisations of men based on their understanding of reality

103 11:04.0 - 11:25.0

Describing incel categorisations of men, using incel terminology4 to describe their categorisation of men, sarcastic, emphasising incels' belief that 'incels' and 'normies' are tragic victims of women, emphasising 'alpha' as the most desirable categorisation under TRP

104 11:25.0 - 11:33.0

Introducing TRP categorisations of alphas, framing strategies of TRP followers in pursuing women, stating belief of TRP followers that women can only be seduced by objectively attractive men or men who develop specific strategies

105 11:33.0 - 11:38.0

Framing similar mindsets of incels and pick up artists

106 11:37.0 - 11:42.0

Listing qualities of women assigned by TRP followers, asserting objectification and degradation of of women by TRP followers, sarcastic, emphasising TRP followers do not believe women are worthy of love

107 11:42.0 - 11:51.0

Distinguishing pick up artists from incels by their sexual behaviour, framing pick up artists' fixation on promiscuity, framing pick up artists behaviour as strategic

108 11:51.0 - 11:58.0

Offering influential sources for pick up artist strategies, naming 'Game' by Neil Strauss and 'Bang' by Roosh V

109 11:58.0 - 12:09.0

Acting as a make-up review YouTuber, satirising make-up review YouTubers, mocking Roosh V's book by instead describing a mascara, sexually describing mascara as an interjection to Roosh V's work

110 12:09.0 - 12:11.0

Sarcastically expressing interest in Roosh V's activity, offering example of current online presence of TRP influencers

111 12:11.0 - 12:28.0

Clip of Roosh V asserting 'ultramasculinity' despite enjoying baking

112 12:28.0 - 12:38.0

Sarcastically indignant, Addressing Roosh V directly, expressing annoyance with Roosh V's treatment of women, framing Roosh V as a threat to women, amused, mocking Roosh V's terminology

113 12:37.0 - 12:52.0

Instructing audience to recall discussed topics, listing TRP beliefs of women and dating cultures, framing TRP as 'realisations' by followers, emphasising demonisation of feminism by TRP followers

114 12:52.0 - 13:07.0

Defining the black pill as an extension of TRP, listing black pill beliefs, listing generalisations of black pill followers that men are objectively at a disadvantage in modern dating cultures, framing objective and logical nature of black pill beliefs, defining black pill terminology for accepting hopelessness

115 13:06.0 - 13:12.0

Framing black pill beliefs as 'dogmatic hopelessness'

116 13:12.0 - 13:23.0

Introducing psychological theory to explain black pill belief systems, framing black pill beliefs as stemming from suppressed mental issues and anxieties, defining theory of 'catastrophizing' described by psychotherapists5

117 13:23.0 - 13:36.0

Offering example of hypothetical catastrophizing thought process, dramatically panicked, projecting to herself the escalating fear experienced by someone catastrophizing

118 13:36.0 - 13:43.0

Hesitant, expressing limited understanding of catastrophizing mindsets, asserting absurdity in conclusions of people catastrophizing

119 13:43.0 - 14:04.0

Asserting catastrophizing dictates the thought process of black pill followers, projecting to audience the escalating hopelessness of black pill followers, emphasising vilification of women by catastophizing black pill followers

120 14:04.0 - 14:07.0

Sympathetic, framing catastophising as experienced by the majority of but not all incels, asserting personal knowledge of incel communities

121 14:07.0 - 14:15.0

Defining incel terminology for subjects on suicide (example from Reddit on-screen), framing prevalence of topics inspiring suicide in incel communities

122 14:15.0 - 14:23.0

Describing intentionally destructive motives for incels to post content inspiring suicide, framing incels' unwaveringly negative perceptions of life and relationships (example from Reddit on-screen)

123 14:23.0 - 14:36.0

Sarcastic, Projecting to audience the futility in highlighting problematic behaviours to incels, projecting to herself the dismissive responses of incels when their problematic behaviour is highlighted, framing incels as believing they are unfairly scrutinised

124 14:36.0 - 14:47.0

Asserting incel posts inspiring or discussing suicide often appear sincere (example on-screen), framing suicidal thoughts as a 'logical conclusion' for catastrophizing black pill followers

125 14:47.0 - 14:57.0

Using incel terminology to describe hopelessness experienced in the community, framing hopelessness of incels as based on their fixation with physical attractiveness

126 14:57.0 - 15:00.0

Irritated, Validating urges to infantilize incels or similar communities

127 15:00.0 - 15:17.0

Sarcastic and Irritated, projecting to audience the urge to infantilize and berate incels and similar communities, mocking implied gamer identity of incels, listing actions incels can take to change their perspectives of women and reality, sarcastic, framing generalised disposition of incels as offputting to women

128 15:17.0 - 15:21.0

Sarcastic, projecting to audience the urge to infantilize and berate incels, referencing (implied) Peterson's 12 Rules for Life

129 15:21.0 - 15:32.0

Thoughtful, Introducing potential positive influences on incels, naming Jordan Peterson, Describing influence of Peterson on incels seeking direction, implying personal disdain for Peterson 'sexist old man'

130 15:31.0 - 15:35.0

Asserting incels' disregard for criticisms of their disposition, framing mindset of incels as stubborn, asserting her personal knowledge of incel behaviour

131 15:35.0 - 15:37.0

Framing victim mentality of incels in response to criticism

132 15:37.0 - 15:44.0

Using incel language to explain their stubbornness, projecting to audience the futility of highlighting problematic behaviour to incels, framing incel belief that they are an oppressed and misunderstood group, framing incels' sarcastic portrayal of advice offered to improve their situation (meme for reference on-screen)

133 15:44.0 - 15:50.0

Framing resignation and stubbornness of incels as the result of repeated negative experiences

134 15:50.0 - 15:57.0

Describing incels' consistently negative responses to having their problematic behaviours highlighted, asserting her observations of incel behaviour

135 15:57.0 - 16:20.0

Voiceover reading incel posts sarcastically framing commonly offered advice (images on-screen), music sarcastically invoking sympathy

136 16:19.0 - 16:26.0

Describing perceived strength of incel worldview, implying incels are overly-defensive of truly weak ideals, stating incels cannot be swayed by any alternate opinions

137 16:26.0 - 16:34.0

Solemn, projecting to audience the necessary steps in understanding incel behaviour, emphasising violence as inherent to incel communities, invoking concern for violent incel behaviour, asserting personal knowledge of incel behaviour, instructing audience in how to understand incel behaviour

138 16:34.0 - 16:42.0

Asserting deeper meanings of black pill ideology, emphasising logical and dangerous progression towards hopelessness of incels

139 16:42.0 - 16:46.0

Idenitfying audience as an in-group investigating incel ideology, invoking urgency for in-group to acknowledge consequences of black pill ideology

140 16:46.0 - 16:52.0

Framing incel communities as a 'death cult', invoking fear and urgency, asserting deep and intentionally negative roots of black pill ideology

141 16:52.0 - 17:00.0

Frustrated, Expressing understanding of incel conclusions, Describing extreme consequences of incel ideologies, implying violence is justified by some incels as a logical response, submissive, framing learned hopelessness of incels as the start to violent thoughts

142 17:00.0 - 17:04.0

Sexually suggestive titling, Introducing next video topic, expressing dislike of dating apps

143 17:04.0 - 17:12.0

Choosing to include a potentially futile personal opinion, Anticipating problems in her sympathy for incels, asserting futility in sympathising with incels, sarcastic, framing incels as objectively evil

144 17:12.0 - 17:14.0

Expressing deep-rooted concern for incels, choosing to address personal urge to sympathise with incels

145 17:14.0 - 17:19.0

Generalising the internet as used by a majority of introverts, Validating an audience that may sympathise with incels

146 17:19.0 - 17:22.0

Inviting audience to relate to incel experiences of alienation, emphasising personal experiences of alienation as similar to that of incels, invoking sympathy for generalised experiences of rejection (image on-screen)

147 17:22.0 - 17:26.0

Expressing intimately personal anecdote to the audienc6e

148 17:26.0 - 17:29.0

Dramatised sarcastic honesty, Satirising language of personality YouTubers, offering 'vulnerable moment'

149 17:29.0 - 17:36.0

Sarcastically hesitant, stating past personal identity as male, sarcastically expressing disdain for past personal identity as a male, sarcastically requesting forgiveness from audience for having previously been male

150 17:36.0 - 17:42.0

Thoughtful, expressing personal reflection on her experiences, Asserting personal past and current experiences are an 'unusual position'

151 17:42.0 - 17:45.0

Exaggerated disbelief, emphasising absurdity in her personal experience of gender and sexuality, sarcastically questioning whether her existence should be accepted

152 17:45.0 - 17:50.0

Anticipating backlash7 from 'lesbian stans', using terminology of internet communities, sarcastically dismissive, asserting fluidity of her sexual identity, using phrasing of Foppington

153 17:50.0 - 18:01.0

Satirising the openness of her sexuality, sexually describing 'the sea'

154 18:01.0 - 18:03.0

Describing her current sexual preferences

155 18:03.0 - 18:05.0

Clip from TV show, emphasising her current heterosexual dating preferences

156 18:04.0 - 18:10.0

Asserting unusual personal experience of dating, expressing personal knowledge of experiences of the life of both men and women

157 18:10.0 - 18:13.0

Expressing perceived unique insight to online dating, implying reflection on personal experience guides understanding of generalised experiences

158 18:13.0 - 18:23.0

Thoughtful, Describing online dating experience of men as difficult and requiring repeated effort, generalising necessity of men to hold themselves to higher standards than the assumed standards of other men, using derogatory terms for men to describe how they are perceived by women

159 18:23.0 - 18:31.0

Dramatically pleased, framing online dating experience of women as passive and gratifying, emphasising framing of female experiences of dating as a leisurely activity

160 18:30.0 - 18:32.0

Informal, Inviting audience to the inquiry of her personal dating life

161 18:32.0 - 18:34.0

Dramatised interest, framing statistical focus of the inquiry of her tinder activity

162 18:34.0 - 18:37.0

Expressing impatience in acquiring personal data

163 18:37.0 - 18:45.0

Excited, stating personal tinder statistics to the audience, sarcastic, implying deviating sexual prefrences of men in Baltimore, using offensive lanuage to satirise her gender identity

164 18:45.0 - 18:49.0

(on-screen) Anticipating audience offence from her joke, implying problematic nature of declaring oneself a 'tran' on tinder

165 18:49.0 - 18:53.0

Sarcastically enamored, expressing endearment for men who liked her tinder profile

166 18:53.0 - 18:55.0

Dramatised interest, Inviting audience to closer inquiry of her tinder experience

167 18:55.0 - 19:00.0

Exaggerated, quoting crude messages about her genitalia

168 19:00.0 - 19:11.0

Shocked, sarcastic, addressing tinder users directly, sarcastically defensive, expressing intent for future surgeries, expressing acknowledgement of sexual priorities of tinder users, using sexually explicit language, expressing exasperation with lengthy process of sex reassignment surgery

169 19:11.0 - 19:17.0

Acting as Abigail, addressing Contrapoints directly, framing dismissal of transwoman experiences by radical feminists, satirising sanctity of female anatomy to radical feminists, anticiapating arguments from radical feminists on terminology for transgender anatomy, using radical feminist phrasing to describe female anatomy

170 19:17.0 - 19:28.0

Sarcastic, validating assumed radical feminist criticisms of her anatomy, expressing absence of desire to give birth, expressing her promiscuity to the audience, implying personal rejection of the radical feminist belief in the sanctity of female genitalia

171 19:28.0 - 19:34.0

Addressing Abigail directly, expressing rejection of complaints of radical feminists to her sexual activity

172 19:33.0 - 19:40.0

Apathetic, Offering personal anecdote, describing personal experience with online dating, expressing cautious optimism with early experience of online dating

173 19:40.0 - 19:44.0

Framing escalation of conversations in online dating

174 19:44.0 - 19:52.0

Dramatised, quoting crude message, dramatically pauses, emphasising personal exasperation with sexually fixated messages

175 19:52.0 - 19:55.0

Dramatised, expressing exasperation with sexual fixation of men on tinder

176 19:54.0 - 19:58.0

Submissive, Expressing promiscuity

177 19:58.0 - 20:02.0

Irritated, projecting to audience the need to moderate sexual advances, generalising need to de-escalate sexual advances in online dating

178 20:02.0 - 20:07.0

Exasperated, expressing concerns for personal safety using dating apps, framing potential danger for women using dating apps, expressing frustration with direct sexual advances of men on dating apps

179 20:07.0 - 20:12.0

Generalising frustrating experiences of women on tinder, emphasising over-saturation of sexually explicit messages sent by men to women on tinder

180 20:12.0 - 20:24.0

Submissive, Asserting she has received positive messages on tinder, expressing personal experience with online dating apps, hesitant, expressing disdain for the app itself rather than men using it, expressing concern for being targeted (message on-screen)

181 20:24.0 - 20:32.0

Exasperated, Expressing frustration with being identified on tinder as Contrapoints, describing personal experiences with dating apps, sarcastic, implying her specific problems with dating apps stem from her privilege

182 20:32.0 - 20:39.0

Addressing female audience members directly, identifying with female audience members as an in-group, generalising disdain experienced by women using dating apps from excessive sexually explicit messages

183 20:39.0 - 20:45.0

Inviting female audience members to consider the experience of males using dating apps, framing male experience of dating apps as equally but differently frustrating, generalising incels experience of dating apps as a common male experience, emphasising feelings of rejection by male users of dating apps

184 20:45.0 - 20:51.0

Emphasising personal opinion, anticipating difference of opinions among female users of dating apps, expressing preference for female rather than male experience of dating apps, using sexually explicit language to describe her preference of female experience's of dating apps, inviting female audience to consider the negative experience of male users

185 20:51.0 - 20:56.0

Sarcastic, mocking unusual personal experience with dating apps, asserting personal preference for excessive unwanted attention over complete absence of attention on dating apps, using derogatory labels to describe attention from men

186 20:56.0 - 20:58.0

Sincere, Expressing sympathy for men using dating apps

187 20:58.0 - 21:01.0

Addressing male users of dating apps directly, validating difficult experiences of male users of dating apps

188 21:01.0 - 21:04.0

Generalising bias of dating app users in prioritising physical attractiveness, framing men as having a worse experience than women with the bias of dating apps

189 21:04.0 - 21:14.0

Projecting to audience the difference between meeting people on and offline, thoughtful, generalising meeting people offline as a better strategy for finding partners based on personality

190 21:14.0 - 21:19.0

Thoughtful, Expressing personal value of being valued

191 21:19.0 - 21:26.0

Irritated, framing tinder as superficial by design, framing tinder as encouraging superficial behaviour, projecting to audience the superficial behaviour of tinder users

192 21:26.0 - 21:35.0

Framing TRP discourse on dating as distasteful and problematic, Hesitant, Describing TRP framing of dating as somewhat founded in reality, emphasising TRP fixation on physical attractiveness and sex as a resource

193 21:35.0 - 21:44.0

Generalising modern culture as prioritising visual stimuli, Emphasising structural design of dating apps in promoting superficial values, framing relevance of 'bone structure' in dating apps, validating some concerns of incels about physical attractiveness

194 21:44.0 - 21:52.0

Sincere, Expressing sympathy for some concerns of incels, asserting personal sympathy for incels is subjective, offering personal insecurities as a comparison to incel insecurities

195 21:52.0 - 22:08.0

Expressing relevant personal anecdote on actions to amend personal appearance, sarcastic, framing personal seeking of facial surgery as excessive, submissive, referencing phrasing of Foppington, framing different facial features of men and women as a source of personal concern

196 22:08.0 - 22:12.0

Impassioned, Validating absurdity in the relation between her own and incels' insecurities

197 22:12.0 - 22:16.0

Describing personal insecurities of physical appearance, implying relation between her own and incels' fixations on skull shape

198 22:16.0 - 22:22.0

Sarcastic, mocking generalised fixation on bones, implying sexualisation of 'bones'

199 22:22.0 - 22:35.0

Satirising ASMR YouTubers, sarcastically describing scientific measuring of male skulls

200 22:35.0 - 22:38.0

Sarcastically implying a fictional descriptor of male skulls is not sufficiently recognised8

201 22:38.0 - 22:40.0

Sexually explicit titling, introducing next video topic

202 22:40.0 - 22:46.0

Offering personal experience that relates to incel experiences, sarcastic, satirising herself as a transwoman on YouTube

203 22:46.0 - 22:50.0

Asserting personal experience with 'delusional self-loathing', implying incel behaviours stem from mental instability, introducing personal struggle with mental health

204 22:50.0 - 23:00.0

Asserting personal speculation as a general consensus, sarcastic, framing mass shooter as glorified but psychopathic, naming Elliot Rodger, using overtly sexual language to describe Elliot Rodger attractive

205 23:00.0 - 23:06.0

Choosing not to make a spectacle of incels, describing common practice on incel spaces

206 23:06.0 - 23:10.0

Projecting to audience unacceptable behaviour in incel spaces, emphasising sensitivity of incels to threats against their perspective

207 23:10.0 - 23:14.0

Sarcastic, addressing audience directly to offer speculation, stating her lack of qualifications in diagnosing problematic habits, identifying audience as an in-group equally unqualified in diagnosing behaviours

208 23:14.0 - 23:21.0

Identifying the audience as a group she is sharing speculations with, Generalising incels as 'completely normal' in physical appearance, emphasising the majority of incels are normal in physical appearance

209 23:20.0 - 23:23.0

Submissive, Framing practices on incel spaces as intentionally self-destructive, sympathetic, framing incels as offering exclusively negative feedback to other incels' physical appearance

210 23:23.0 - 23:33.0

Dramatic, Listing common incel-to-incel insults on physical appearance, using incel phrasing to describe insults by incels, framing insults from incels as encouraging hopelessness

211 23:33.0 - 23:40.0

Expressing intrigue with incel behaviour, Stating that incels anticipate insults when posting selfies, emphasising negative responses are anticipated by incels

212 23:40.0 - 23:43.0

Expressing curiosity for incel behaviour, validating curiosity of audience

213 23:43.0 - 23:44.0

Offering personal anecdote

214 23:44.0 - 23:48.0

Sarcastically framing a limited reputation of 4chan

215 23:48.0 - 23:50.0

Introducing lgbt forum as a comparison to incel forums

216 23:50.0 - 23:56.0

Sarcastically framing limited popularity of controversial lgbt figure, naming Milo Yiannopoulus, framing lgbt as an originally low-activity forum

217 23:56.0 - 24:06.0

Describing current activity on lgbt forum, hesitant, describing users of lgbt forum as men considering transitioning or early transitioning women, asserting personal knowledge of lgbt forum

218 24:06.0 - 24:08.0

Stating colloquial name of lgbt forum is a self-mockery

219 24:08.0 - 24:14.0

Describing difficult personal experience transitioning while on the forum, sincere, framing her experience on tttt as recent and a source of pain

220 24:14.0 - 24:19.0

Sincere, Expressing painful personal of early transition, Generalising experience on tttt as common, emphasising pain of experiencing early gender transitions

221 24:19.0 - 24:22.0

Framing users of tttt as 'tragic'

222 24:22.0 - 24:26.0

Sarcastic, framing tttt users as having male habits that are self-destructive

223 24:26.0 - 24:30.0

Asserting speculation of similarities between intentionally damaging lgbt and incel behaviours, asserting personal experience was used to build knowledge

224 24:30.0 - 24:37.0

Describing similar mindsets of incels and lgbt forum users, distinguishing incels from tttt based on specific fixation of sex versus passing

225 24:37.0 - 24:45.0

Describing similar self-destructive behaviours and creative languauges between incels and tttt

226 24:45.0 - 24:58.0

Offering example of slur originating from tttt, defining 'hon' as the most offensive slur for transwomen by users on tttt, sarcastic on-screen messages emphasising this is a dangerous word to teach cis-people

227 24:58.0 - 25:03.0

Emphasising similarity between any bigoted or self-hating group

228 25:03.0 - 25:06.0

Inviting audience to notice a commonality between bigoted groups, inviting audience to recall information covered in the video, smug, asserting a recurring topic in the video

229 25:06.0 - 25:56.0

Voiceover, reading tttt posts ridiculing head size, offering examples of tttt fixation on skull shape (examples from tttt on-screen)

230 25:56.0 - 26:05.0

Acting as Foppington, satirising fixation of skull shape by bigoted groups

231 26:05.0 - 26:08.0

Dramatically smug, emphasising generalised fixation of bigoted groups on skull shape, asserting personal knowledge of bigoted beliefs

232 26:08.0 - 26:13.0

Expressing personal experience with tttt, asserting relevance of personal experience to the current discussion

233 26:13.0 - 26:19.0

Describing personal experience with tttt, framing personal indirect influence on tttt, sarcastic, expressing disgust for her influence on tttt members, using online language 'stan'

234 26:19.0 - 26:21.0

Generalising negative reception to positive posts on tttt, asserting personal knowledge of tttt behaviour

235 26:21.0 - 26:37.0

Framing justifications for negative responses to positive posts on tttt, hesitant, framing implication of hope from positive posts as the cause for negative backlash, asserting absolute rejection of hope by generalised communities of 'hopelessness'

236 26:37.0 - 26:49.0

Framing logical mindset of toxic posters on tttt, listing topics for negative comments to suppress hope and positivity, emphasising extreme hatred from negative comments on tttt, asserting learned hopelessness by engaging in negative online spaces, using incel terminology to frame learned hopelessness

237 26:49.0 - 26:54.0

Asserting personal experience in toxic online spaces, expressing personal experience of seeking hateful feedback

238 26:54.0 - 26:56.0

Thoughtful, Anticipating audience's confusion with her behaviour, expressing recognition of strangeness in her seeking out negative feedback

239 26:56.0 - 27:01.0

Expressing recognition of positive feedback from fans, asserting knowledge of how she's viewed in her communities

240 27:01.0 - 27:16.0

Anticipating audience's questioning of her seeking out negative feedback, asserting absurdity in her behaviour, framing tttt as an extremely toxic community, amused, using terminology of tttt to describe negative comments about herself, asserting knowledge of negative comments about her appearance

241 27:16.0 - 27:21.0

Framing mental aspect of rejecting positive feedback, expressing personal experience with negative feedback as an intrinsic mental issue

242 27:21.0 - 27:24.0

Framing justification for rejection of positive feedback

243 27:24.0 - 27:29.0

Generalising insincere positivity of trans people online, asserting knowledge of online behaviour of trans people

244 27:29.0 - 27:34.0

Defining origin of tttt slur for trans people, framing false sincerity of positive online comments between trans people, satirising use of tttt slur to demonstrate context

245 27:34.0 - 27:39.0

Validating disdain of tttt for positive comments, framing toxicity of tttt as a logical consequence to false kindness, implying the thought process of tttt is logical but not rational9

246 27:39.0 - 27:45.0

Framing the pevalence of false kindness in trans spaces, framing flattery in trans spaces as disingenuous

247 27:45.0 - 27:50.0

Describing personal experience in rejecting positive feedback, framing logical process of assuming positive comments are insincere, using incel terminology to frame positive comments as insincere and reflexive

248 27:50.0 - 27:58.0

Expressing excitement in engaging with toxic communities, Describing personal motives for visiting toxic online spaces, expressing intimate details in experience seeking negative comments, framing seeking negative comments as a desire to confirm personal insecurities, implying engagement in toxic online spaces is a search for what's 'really true'

249 27:58.0 - 28:03.0

Asserting negative impact on mental health from personal experiences in toxic online spaces, framing personal experience in toxic online spaces as both negative and exciting, expressing excitement when recalling experiences in toxic online spaces

250 28:03.0 - 28:07.0

Generalising engagement in toxic online spaces as a refreshing break from political correctness, Projecting to audience the excitement in expressing unfiltered thoughts

251 28:07.0 - 28:11.0

Offering example of unfiltered thoughts, using incel terminology to describe the justification of their beliefs

252 28:10.0 - 28:14.0

Amused10, Offering example of how she's negatively viewed by tttt posters, using tttt terminology to assert knowledge of how she's perceived by toxic posters

253 28:14.0 - 28:19.0

Describing justification for personal engagement in toxic online spaces, implying personal justification for visiting toxic online spaces was not honest

254 28:19.0 - 28:23.0

Thoughtful, Expressing need to stay closely informed of toxic online behaviours, submissive, describing 'my job' as an inquirer of contemporary toxic behaviour and thought processes

255 28:23.0 - 28:27.0

Describing realisation of personal motives for visiting toxic online spaces, Asserting recognition of personal consequences from regular engagement in toxic online spaces, implying real-life consequences of online behaviour

256 28:27.0 - 28:34.0

Sincere, Framing tttt terminology as 'ridiculous', listing tttt terminology, framing progression of psychological consequences of engaging in toxic online spaces, expressing personal experience of an increasingly toxic mindset

257 28:34.0 - 28:40.0

Expressing progression of psychological consequences from engaging in toxic online spaces, expressing disgust with her own thought processes after engaging in toxic online spaces, expressing personal experience in negatively regarding in-group members of transwomen

258 28:40.0 - 28:45.0

Concerned, Describing realisation of personal toxic thought patterns, expressing fear for continued progression of toxic thought patterns, expressing urgency to leave toxic online spaces, (on-screen) referencing character of toxic transwoman Tiffany Tumbles

259 28:45.0 - 28:48.0

Concerned, Expressing fear for being stuck in toxic thought patterns, framing difficult process of amending toxic thought patterns

260 28:48.0 - 28:50.0

Asserting similarity between personal experience with progressively toxic thought patterns and black pill thought patterns

261 28:50.0 - 28:53.0

Framing bigoted lexicons as 'infectious', implying members of toxic community become progressively trapped in toxic thought patterns

262 28:53.0 - 29:00.0

Decsribing personal consequences of researching toxic communities, asserting personally experienced psychological impact of engaging in toxic online spaces

263 29:00.0 - 29:04.0

Dramatised, using incel terminology to offer example of personally experienced derogatory thought patterns

264 29:04.0 - 29:08.0

Generalising incels as unsuspecting victims of progressively toxic thought patterns, implying incel thought patterns become more toxic over time, invoking concern for victims of black pill ideology

265 29:08.0 - 29:40.0

Voiceover, on-screen example from Reddit, offering example of traumatic realisation of being trapped in toxic thought patterns

266 29:40.0 - 29:44.0

Introducing psychological theory of intentional engagement in toxic online spaces, asserting personal knowledge, offering psychological explanation for toxic online behaviour

267 29:44.0 - 29:49.0

Defining digital self-harm according to psychologists, framing digital self-harm as originating from teens toxically commenting on themselves

268 29:49.0 - 29:56.0

Asserting relation between toxic online behaviour of teens and adults, framing toxic behaviour of adults as more 'sophisticated', distinguishing toxic online behaviour of adults as requiring external feedback

269 29:56.0 - 30:05.0

Asserting personal experience of adult digital self-harm, emphasising severity of personal experience in seeking toxic feedback, stating personal desire to confirm insecurities from external comments, implying seeking toxic comments is a search for confirmation of uncomfortable truth

270 30:05.0 - 30:09.0

Anticipating questions in the rationale for seeking toxic feedback, dismissive, implying relation between physical and digital self-harm, expressing a lack of valid justification for seeking toxic comments

271 30:09.0 - 30:14.0

Including audience in investigating destructive online behaviours, Defining masochistic epistemology11, offering personal theory of motives for seeking toxic feedback

272 30:14.0 - 30:22.0

Thoughtful, expressing efforts to separate herself from toxic online spaces, stating her improved mental health upon leaving toxic online spaces, implying separation from toxic online spaces can reduce toxic thought patterns

273 30:22.0 - 30:28.0

Addressing incels directly, choosing not to treat incel ideology as rational, inviting incels to question the validity of their ideology, asserting incel ideology as irrational

274 30:28.0 - 30:35.0

Irritated, concerned, Addressing incels directly, asserting to incels the irrationality of their behaviour and perspectives, asserting to incels their suppressed motive is self-harm

275 30:35.0 - 30:37.0

Sincere, Asserting to incels her personal experience with digital self-harm, asserting the validity of her personal experiences in relating to incel thought patterns

276 30:37.0 - 30:45.0

Stating catastrophizing nature of incel ideology, asserting incel ideology stems from intrinsic insecurities, framing incel ideology as dangerous, asserting method for exiting toxic patterns is not the one they use

277 30:45.0 - 30:50.0

Addressing incels directly, validating traumatic social experiences of incels that drive them to toxic online spaces

278 30:50.0 - 31:03.0

Addressing incels directly, asserting to incels the reality of their toxic behaviour, implying the reality of incel behaviour is rejected by incel communities, emphasising to incels the progressive distortion of their mental state, sympathetic, emphasising to incels their toxic behaviour further alienates them, invoking concern from incels

279 31:03.0 - 31:07.0

Sincere, Instructing incels directly to remove themselves from toxic online forums, invoking urgency in incels, expressing concern for mental wellbeing of incels

280 31:07.0 - 31:17.0

Offering direct link to help audience members trapped in toxic online spaces, validating necessity for extreme measures in exiting toxic online spaces, expressing personal experience in exiting toxic onlines spaces

281 31:16.0 - 31:21.0

Sexually suggestive titling, introducing final video topic, sarcastically sexually explicit

282 31:21.0 - 31:34.0

Distinguishing behaviours of incel and tttt as the focus of their hatred, framing the incel community as fixated on misogyny

283 31:33.0 - 31:36.0

Emphasising incels' extreme hatred of women

284 31:36.0 - 31:41.0

Asserting personal experience in investigating online bigotry, sarcastic, stating her view of herself as 'a professional internet bigotry scholar'

285 31:41.0 - 31:47.0

Asserting herself as an inquirer, expressing personal reaction to reading incel posts, expressing shock in discovering deeper misogygny than anticipated

286 31:47.0 - 31:49.0

Choosing not to share examples of extreme forms of misogyny from incels

287 31:49.0 - 32:01.0

Listing generalised examples of extreme forms of incel misogyny, framing violent and brutal misogynistic views of incels, framing incel misogyny as irrational and intense

288 32:01.0 - 32:43.0

Voiceover on-screen example from Reddit, offering example of extreme, irrational and resentful characterisation of women by incels

289 32:43.0 - 32:54.0

Satirising incel characterisation of women, using language from the Reddit example

290 32:54.0 - 32:59.0

Framing incel ideology as absurd and detached from reality, mocking incel ideology as cartoonish

291 32:59.0 - 33:04.0

Irritated, asserting limited personal sympathy for incels, invoking fear and urgency, framing incel ideology as a prime for violent behaviour

292 33:04.0 - 33:10.0

Addressing incels directly, anticipating dismissal and negative reception from incels, dismissive, listing anticipated insults from incels

293 33:10.0 - 33:14.0

Sarcastic, validating anticipated insults as accurate, mocking the insulting characterisation of herself

294 33:13.0 - 33:16.0

Addressing incels directly, Implying her refusal to accept insults without retaliating, using incel ideology to mock their absence of sexual experience

295 33:16.0 - 33:25.0

Addressing incels directly, expressing knowledge of incel disposition, framing incels as adamantly refusing encouragements of hope, irritated, asserting to incels the need to exit toxic online spaces to amend toxic thought patterns

296 33:25.0 - 33:33.0

Addressing video conclusion to incels, thoughtful, directly inviting incels to remove their fixation on women as a sole option for sexual pleasure, using sexually suggestive language to frame the desires of incels

297 33:33.0 - 33:39.0

Sarcastic, offering personal experience to relate to incels, satirising herself as old, implying music is an optional outlet for sexual feelings

298 33:39.0 - 33:42.0

Framing playing music as an optional outlet for sexual feelings

299 33:39.0 - 33:45.0

Sarcastically associating the existence of the manosphere with a decline in musical appreciation

300 33:45.0 - 33:47.0

Thoughtful, Framing a multitude of optional outlets for sexual feelings

301 33:47.0 - 34:05.0

Inviting incels to consider nature as a sensual experience, Dramatised, Using sexually suggestive phrasing and gestures to describe nature

302 34:05.0 - 34:15.0

Using incel and tttt terminology to generalise all viewers, dramatically sincere, sarcastically inviting audience to consider the sea as a source of comfort

303 34:15.0 - 34:23.0

Dramatised, Using sexually suggestive language to describe being in the sea, projecting to audience the sensual experience of being in the sea, emphasising the sensuality of being in the sea

304 34:23.0 - 35:00.0

Patrons credited, soft violin music playing

305 35:00.0 - 35:04.0

Voiceover, sexually suggestive joke



1   Not related just to this time slot, but I've noticed the timing of Contrapoints' video is very easy to organise. That is, her sentences and sections are concisely structure, and (probably coincidentally) easy to sort to the second. Her punctuated segments have been neatly lasting 4, 5 or 6 seconds each, all with a clear intentions, so that I can usually mark exactly where a sentence is beginning without the previous sentence bleeding in or missing the start.
2   I had to look up the usage of 'sour grapes', which I learned is the act of describing something to be of less value once one learns they can't obtain it. These few seconds are heavily weighted, implying the terminology designed to dehumanise women is a kind of coping mechanism for bitter men who have not had sexual experiences, that these men refuse to admit they crave intimacy with promiscuous women, and Contrapoints implying her high regard of promiscuous women, emphasised by the snideness in her enunciation of 'sour grapes', then nonchalantly eating a grape, likely as a taunt. There is an odd juxtaposition recurrent to Contrapoints where she both tries to address the subjects of her videos in a way they can relate to, while also underhanding them, usually with sexually suggestive taunts.
3   Contrapoints, though expressing discomfort in some instances, has explained at length the different perspectives, convictions and targets of of incels, with some examples shown on screen from the incel community. The depth of her explanations, and her ability to express the sentiments from the perspective of the group she's explaining, demonstrate her thorough investigation and appreciation of the community. There is a balance of disgust and fascination expressed in her critique, allowing the group to be humanised even if she is framing their behaviour as worthy of repulsion.
4   This is a demonstration that Contrapoints truly understands the concerns of the group she's discussing, since she can fluently adopt their language habits and describe their rationale from their perspective, rather than from the perspective of an outsider. This is masked by sarcasm, occasional deliberate exaggeration, and, naturally, a scripted and rehearsed speech, but the arguments she presents give enough depth to the community that we can assume the representations are founded at least in the reality perceived by the group members. Screenshots of Reddit posts and memes by that community confirm she has delved into their spaces.
5   In some instances as this one, there is no source offered of where the term is being referenced from, how valid this definition is, and how accepted the theory is as a whole. Contrapoints tends to include references to individuals or sources that are directly relevant to the topic she is discussing, and even some philosophers that may have appropriate insights, but it's unclear why she chooses not to do this for some concepts. She is clearly capable of researching and articulating ideas that add depth to her inquiry, and presenting these references on-screen or with direct quotes, but for more general ideas the audience does not always see where she is drawing her knowledge from. Her content is closer to an offering of organised speculations than it is an insistence of truth, but that does not dismiss these occasions where suggested readings could help her audience understand her reasoning.
6   This is a recurring joke on her channel, she comes out in most videos where it's relevant acting as if it's the first time, which may not be obvious to the newest viewers who have no prior experience with Contrapoints, but it can be recognised as a joke after regular viewing. This runs the risk of distancing viewers that do not appreciate her satire of creators or influencers who extend 'vulnerable moments' to their audience, since it assumes a lack of authenticity in those moments. On the other hand, her subtle and multitudinal in-jokes and references create a sense of community, since only dedicated viewers will notice all of them and be able to laugh with her. While I noticed this was an odd practice since she was openly male, later genderqueer, and later again female-presenting in videos on available on her channel, I did not recognise it as a recurring joke until this study, since her latest video makes the same joke.
7   This may be an interesting point to revisit in Molyneux's videos, since I did find some occasions where he alluded to his anticipation of how a certain idea was received, but perhaps didn't identify enough instances to consider it seriously. Even upon further coding of Contrapoints, I may find more examples where she is answering a question she presumes the audience will have, a possible demonstration in relatability by preparing answers.
8   Another reference to what's likely her most accredited quote, 'why is no one talking about the mouthfeel', expressing her frustration with a lack of discourse on the distinction between cis- and transgendered genitalia in terms of fellatio. The joke can be interpreted as a satire of something that could become a legitimate term or point of discussion, but is too absurd or lewd to be taken seriously.
9   Nearing the end of my focused coding, I've used the term 'logical' a lot in both videos a lot, and feel the need to clarify that the term should not be understood as meaning rational. The logic she describes is usually in reference to a certain perspective that is derived from a personal experience or observation, but certainly not based on open, thoughtful reflection. Her descriptions of the minds of the bigoted, prejudiced and privileged as exercising logical deductions and scientific methods humanises the people or groups that she's framing - she does not reduce them to a label, instead laying out what brought them to their conclusions, so the audience can understand their position rather than blindly react.
10   There are only a few moments where we see a genuine break from Contrapoints otherwise strictly rehearsed character, here describing a small laugh as she describes the insults she receives about her appearance. Self-mockery and self-satire are a large part of the Contrapoints persona, which can make the creator appear more approachable and relatable, since they enthusiastically acknowledge the oddness of their existence, and assert they are not without flaws. But in the instances where Contrapoints genuinely laughs, we see Natalie rather than Contrapoints, offering the audience a deeper insight to how Natalie is affected by her work. In this segment Contrapoints describes her experience reviewing extremely toxic comments about herself, and her struggle in distancing herself from toxic spaces, so these self-satires could be a sign of how she chooses to cope with the internalisation of that negativity. PT's Art vs Authenticity video could be an interesting elaboration on this point.
11   This was coined by Contrapoints in this video ('what we could call') but it's presented as a philosophical theory. Since she fails to credit sources for the psychological theories she offers, it appears to be another generally accepted theory rather than a proposition. This does not necessarily weaken her justification for its existence - this section of the video is basically designed to frame the prevalence of intentionally toxic engagement as a pursuit of truth - but the audience is left to decide, without directly being instructed to do so, whether or not her proposition is sufficiently evidenced based on the examples presented alone. One could interpret Contrapoints along these lines as a progressive philosophical thinker, sincerely committed to investigating and describing contemporary online behaviours, or as someone who is carelessly inventing terms that inflate a problem that isn't really there. The conclusion reached may depend on pre-existing notions about her personally.